The First

    The First was the only being to ever emerge from the Epoch unassisted, referenced in his alternate name, The Unmade (used mainly by the Dark Brotherhood). He was the creator of the first nine Gods. During the Cataclysm, he sacrificed himself to protect the lives of his children from the wrath of Caynn Juddica. It has been postulated that his body became the entity known as The Source.

The Eldest

The Eldest was the first of the Greater Deities to be created by the First. In the time before the Cataclysm, he acted as a leader over his brothers and sisters; settling disputes and helping each of them with their respective efforts. Due to this, he seemed a natural choice to lead them after the death of the First. He now acts as a God over the Gods, exercising the same authority over them as they do over the Material Plain. In order to protect the Eldest from harm, a decision was made to sequester Him in a well-defended plain of his own, accessible only by Primes. This decision is, of course, an unpopular one among Lesser Deities and especially with Belial, who still claimed the title of Greater Deity until the time of his death. Some consider the Eldest to be a ninth Prime, though in reality he is separate and above them.

The Eight Primes

    The Council of Primes was originally made up of eight of the nine Greater Deities, who were created by the First himself. After the Cataclysm, they were organized by the Eldest into a kind of legislative body for the new Lesser Deities. Despite the rumors of Arkhanis’ death, no Prime has ever died, though the protocol for replacing a dead Prime does exist. A Lesser Deity would have to gain the votes of five Primes in order to be elevated to Prime status. In the event of more than one death, only a majority is necessary. The organized meetings of the Primes are known as Conclaves, and have been known to last hundreds of years in some cases. Perhaps the longest occurring immediately following the banishment of Bel, which resulted in the decision to raise Siegfried to Prime status. The Prime Deities (including Belial) are as follows:

  Analee – The Goddess of Creation

  Arkhanis – The God of Magic

  Belial(Deceased) – The God of Destruction, The Fallen Prime

  Canulus – The God of War

  “Jack” – The God of Death

  Siegfried – The God of Adventurers

  Somnus – The Goddess of Dreams

  Xelus – The God of Trickery

  Xevios – The Goddess of Nature

The Lesser Deities

    The Lesser Deities are made up of two groups: those created by the Eldest following the death of the First (such as Bane) and those who were originally mortals, but were raised due to some great deed (such as Content Not Found: hidrari). The Lesser Deities number in the dozens and are both less powerful and less influential than their Greater counterparts. Despite these facts, some Lesser Deities have gained a significant amount of influence due to the numbers of their followers. Bane is an excellent example of this phenomenon, due to his involvement with the Dark Brotherhood.

The Epoch and The Chaos

Neither the Epoch nor the Chaos are deities per se. They are, however, the forces which sculpt the entirety of creation. Everything, from the Eldest to the smallest insect, owes its existence to these forces. The Epoch is the force of Order and Time. It is the very fabric from which everything is created. The Chaos is the opposing force, representing Entropy and Instability. The Chaos is that which tears at the fabric of creation, leading to the eventual death of all that live. All deities came from the Epoch, so even Jack represents a force of order, despite his apparent relation to the Chaos. There are those who theorize that there could be Gods of the Chaos living in some plain of existence, but no evidence has been found to verify these claims.


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